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Groups of executives who lead companies or divisions or major functions need to balance leading their own teams and leading the enterprise together.

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Accountability Index

The Index explained

The Workplace Accountability Index measures the level of accountability within an organization and how this impacts organizational agility.

It measures Feedback Seeking, Psychological Ownership, Creative Problem Solving, and Taking Effective Action. The report provides a snapshot of an organization’s strengths and areas of opportunity. Breaking down the data by department and level, leaders have a reliable tool to focus their attention and maximize results. The Index evaluates nine areas of workplace fitness, organized by Corporate Mindset and Organizational Agility.

Evaluates nine areas of workplace fitness

Corporate Mindset

Feedback Seeking (See It®):

A conscious commitment to seeking the perspectives held by others to determine the appropriateness and adequacy of one’s own behavior for attaining desired results.

Creative Problem Solving (Solve It®):

The perceived connection between individual employees and the organization. Individuals who become invested in achieving organizational results exhibit a personal stake in the overall performance of the organization.

Psychological Ownership (Own It®):

How often individuals in the organization think outside the box in order to generate innovative ideas.

Taking Effective Action (Do It®):

The ability to take action amid limited facts and understanding. The ability to adapt actions, priorities and goals in order to adjust to new information and situations to move forward when unexpected events arise.

Organizational Agility


The extent to which individuals see opportunities to develop and advance both for themselves and for others at the organization.


How well individuals prepare for and adapt to changes that occur within the organization and how well individuals support one another and work together.


How quickly organizations execute on new ideas, learn from competitors, and successfully complete and launch new products and services.


The level of emotional and intellectual commitment individuals have towards their job and whether they have the right skills and resources to make a valuable contribution.


How well individuals know and can make the connection between their contributions and the overall organizational goals.

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Wait and see is not a strategy

The next big disruption is right around the corner. How do organizations harness disruption, meeting it with speed, and engage employees to focus on the right priorities?

Enter the Workplace Accountability Index. This Index measures a company’s ability to handle change, solve problems, respond quickly, and produce results. With the Workplace Accountability Index, companies can measure their culture’s potential to execute on corporate strategy, forecasting their viability in transforming marketspaces. In one sense, it’s a thermometer of corporate execution readiness. In another, it’s a crystal ball predicting a company’s ability to harness disruption, survive, and thrive.

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72% of executives believe their business model will be under threat in the next five years.1 And 70% of global leaders are concerned their company could be irrelevant in two years.2

  1. 2014 Palladium Group Global State of Strategy and Leadership Survey
  2. 2016 Forbes Insights and Gap International Challenge or Be Challenged

Make 2019 the year it all changes

Organizations with high levels of workplace accountability deliver innovative products and services in record time.

How agile, engaged, accountable, and ready is your organization to react to change in the market? Discover today using the Workplace Accountability Index. The Workplace Accountability Index scientifically predicts performance issues and identifies workforce strengths to optimize performance.

Once the Index has been completed, you will receive a detailed report that outlines over 70 individual questions, including demographic data of the survey population and category scores for each of the nine areas assessed. A debrief call with a senior culture practitioner and assessment expert ensures complete understanding of the data. You’ll clearly understand strengths and opportunities in your workforce and receive actionable solutions to boost performance and results.

Not just another survey.
Actionable science for achieving lasting results.