Positive accountability drives workplace engagement, growth, and achievement.

Employee Engagement

In competitive and rapidly evolving marketplaces, high levels of personal ownership are essential to achieving top-line objectives. Unfortunately, employee engagement remains at an all-time low. It’s estimated that “actively disengaged” employees cost U.S. companies between $450 and $550 billion in lost productivity every year. Perks and ping-pong tables aren’t enough anymore. What needs to change?

We take a radically different approach to solving this challenge because we understand the true drivers of employee engagement. Discover what leaders can do differently to motivate, inspire, and empower their workforce.

Talent Development

Developing your talent for sustainable results is important for any organization in any industry. With the transitioning landscape of millennials becoming the primary workforce, this need is paramount. Our approach and tools instill an empowered, continuous learning culture that connects across the generations to maintain a motivated, engaged, performance-oriented workforce.

Our solutions provide a powerful platform for talent development at all levels of an organization. From leadership development to management training to performance improvement and personal development, we guide our clients in cultivating talent to create valuable, thriving workforces.

Performance Improvement

Missed targets and lackluster results are always disappointing, but even more so following performance improvement efforts. It has been estimated that over 50% of re-engineering efforts fail to achieve the results intended. Our experience over 30 years attributes these failures to an insufficient foundation of personal and organizational accountability.

Our approach helps to close accountability gaps that exist throughout an organization. These are the gaps between what you are expecting people to do and what they are actually doing. We help our clients identify these gaps and then implement a positive approach to creating greater accountability, leading to improved performance.

Training and Tools to Boost Accountability and Results

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Instill positive accountability across all levels of your workforce with the popular workshop.

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Measure awareness, alignment, accountability and the ability to deliver on key results.

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Close performance gaps when you master how to hold others accountable the positive, principled way.

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