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Culture of Accountability

What’s your next big disruption? Whether it’s changing market conditions, evolving customer expectations, or new technologies and automation, your company needs to be agile. It’s why leaders develop robust strategies, focus on execution, and strive to stay ahead of the game. But they need more.

CEOs can’t ensure success without buy-in from those who will be carrying forward their strategies. Leaders need to share their vision and facilitate movement throughout their organizations such that people broadly commit to execution. To achieve that commitment, we work with leaders to create what we call a Culture of Accountability®, where individuals take accountability to think and act in the manner necessary to achieve results.

Change Management

Change is the new norm in today’s marketplace, which means organizations must maintain an agile and adaptable workforce to remain competitive and deliver on top-line results. Our change management approach enables corporate leaders to accurately anticipate shifts in their industry and rise to the challenge efficiently—while sidestepping the negative effects of change fatigue.

Here’s how: 1) Get clarity around results. For any change effort to take root enterprise-wide, the place to start is by defining the results critical to success. 2) Shape culture to deliver results. Can your current culture deliver the desired results? If not, it’s time to reshape your culture. 3) Empower employees to accelerate results. This is easier said than done, but we’ve helped many of the world’s top companies do it by first laying a foundation of positive, personal and team accountability.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Delivering the intended benefits of a merger or acquisition is a challenging proposition. Studies show that 70% or more mergers fail to deliver their intended benefits and destroy shareholder value in the process. Another study shows that only one-third of mergers or acquisitions are a clear success, one-third are clear failures, and the remaining third demonstrate no benefit at all from the transaction. Our observations over 30 years point to culture integration as the difference between failure and success.

To increase the success rate of a M&A, we coach executives on how to optimize the integration of two or more cultures, whether the focus is on combining cultures, adopting the cultural traits of the acquiring company, or creating a culture where the individual company cultures operate effectively as disparate cultures. Ultimately, leaders must take accountability to create the culture that will be essential to success, in both the long- and short-term.

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