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Propeller is a digital platform that improves team performance by creating greater engagement and positive accountability for achieving the team’s top-priority outcomes.

Propeller works by engaging team members with four time-tested and value added channels of communication and learning.

Navigate your team to the
Key Results you need.

Align and focus your team on top-priority outcomes. Use the video platform to connect with your team, update priorities, reach remote workers, and communicate progress.

Recognize superior performance and praise desired team behavior.

Celebrate team members who demonstrate taking accountability for results and recognize the behavior you want repeated and replicated for success.

Give and receive
that propels your team forward.

Energize team members by coaching them in the moment. Foster “can do” mindsets and discover areas of personal growth that most impact team success.

Identify problems or ask for help

and Solve It together.

Identify and crowdsource solutions to problems as they arise, and add some fun to it with light gamification. Collaborate to overcome obstacles and accelerate progress.

Grow your team’s Wisdom
in culture, accountability, and results.

Understand the principles and models that create greater accountability for results—based on the New York Times bestseller The Oz Principle and 30 years of success creating highly effective teams and organizations.







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Join Craig Hickman and Russ Hill to discover the digital app that brings The Oz Principle into everyday practice. Craig and Russ discuss brand-new tools to help you ignite team creativity, innovation, and breakthroughs.

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