Do you need to close performance gaps?

Master how to hold others accountable using Leadership Builder tools and techniques.

Holding others accountable in a positive, principled way is simply
doing two things:

1) Establishing expectations and
2) Managing unmet expectations.

One of the most valuable skillsets a leader can develop is the ability to effectively establish the expectations they hold of others. Using common sense and experience-based learning, this program strengthens leaders’ ability to hold others accountable in a positive and principled way.

In our training, master how to:

  • Create positive accountability
  • Establish expectations
  • Manage unmet expectations
  • Close performance gaps
  • Accelerate communication
  • Elevate employee morale

A Game-Changer for Organizational Leaders

The central framework in this training is the Accountability Sequence® model, which provides leaders a proven process to establish expectations and manage unmet expectations in a way that will turnaround performance and help others achieve the result. This is key to holding others accountable in a positive, principled way.

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Leadership Builder is powered by The New York Times bestselling book How Did That Happen?

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What you learn

Identifying your Expectations Chain®

Accountability Styles® assessment

Working with the Accountability Sequence®, Outer Ring®, and Inner Ring®

Increase team engagement with Alignment Dialogue®

What's the impact

Hit goals and growth targets faster

Boost performance—and your bottom line

Engage and retain your highest performers

Achieve game-changing results

What you get

Copy of The New York Times bestselling book How Did That Happen®

Leadership Builder workbook and pocket card training guide

1-year of PILtools access

Pre-workshop assessment
 ($1,500 value)

When should you apply Leadership Builder?


You want to energize your workforce and engage employees in key initiatives that allow them to win—and that cause your organization to win.


You need people to know how to hold others accountable to fulfill Key Expectations (where not delivering is not an option).

How well do you hold others accountable? Find out now.

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